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CCS can provide integration with HVAC systems from Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, and numerous other manufacturers using communicating  thermostats from Aprilaire, HAI and Honeywell. Using a HVAC system integrated with a home automation system a homeowner has the ability to create numerous different schedules and have them activated with just a button press on a touchscreen, wireless remote or supported mobile device. The temperature on specific thermostats can be controlled over the internet allowing a homeowner to heat up as vacation home before arriving, monitoring the temperature remotely an to conserve energy when a room is not occupied.

With today’s emphasis on energy conservation a properly designed home automation system


we can provide a homeowner of even the largest estate, with a means to control every thermostat on the property from on location. Combined with motion sensors and conditional schedules, large properties can have their HVAC system efficiently controlled minimizing wasted energy.  Sophisticated multi-period scheduling combined with single button status change can set numerous thermostats with temperature changes based on changing criteria, states such as at home, entertaining, away, vacation can produce complicated changes in climate throughout the from local touchpanels, wireless remotes or via the internet or cellphone.

With a HVAC system integrated with a home automation from CCS climate control in even the largest estates becomes a set and forget feature. For more information or a demonstration please contact us.

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