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At CCS we can provide irrigation control systems from Hunter, AccuWater and Rain8Net which can be integrated into whole house automation systems from Crestron and Elan. By using rain sensors and scheduling programs integrated into the home automation systems, even the largest yards can be accurately irrigated with a minimum of waste and with fingertip control from a touchpanel or wireless remote.

Due to the modular nature of many of these systems an almost unlimited number of zones can be controlled from one user interface screen. By integrating an irrigation system into a whole house automation system there is one less worry about irrigation systems losing power or having improper programming as the program is always set by the automation


controller. An additional benefit is to have a number of programming schedules available for different periods and being able to change programming quickly or even automatically based on the time of the year or even the ambient outdoor temperature.

Adding irrigation to a home automation system makes for one less thing that needs to be looked after and constantly adjusted.

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