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CCS can design, install and support whole house audio and video systems which can provide a single depository of all media and distribute the content throughout the house or even through the Internet.to numerous houses. Utilzing systems from Elan, Crestron, Autonomics, Key Digital, Russound, Sonos, Nuvo and Request we can customize a whole house audio or video solution for every home. Integrated with a home automation system every zone from condos with a few room to estates can select from media in a centralized location to play on a local sound system or video display in high definition video with multi-channel surround sound.

Mutli-room sound system can be stand alone with keypads in the rooms selecting multiple


source material. At any time in the future these stand-alone systems can be integrated into a full whole house automation system. We can design systems with unobtrusive, high quality ceiling or in-wall speakers. Media rooms can be designed with projectors and screens which permit viewing of video in complete room lighting and multi-channel digital in -wall speakers, ideal for multi-purpose rooms such as family rooms and great rooms. With a single handheld touchscreen remote to control all elements of the presentation nothing could be easier the to go from watching the new in the family room to movie night with High Definition Blu-ray projection in 3-D with 7.1 multi-channel digital surround sound. With a mutli-room system the kitchen could

be listening to a Sirius radio station with the kids listening to music from a connected Ipod and the master bedroom listening to some music from a streaming music server.

Systems can be designed to go from simple single room audio only systems to multi-room high definition HDMI content routed throughout the entire house from a single centralized location. Video and audio content can be switched and selected from centralized servers, online content, video surveillance systems or live sources in any combination effortlessly controlled from a single remote. An Autonomics media server combined with an online storage solution can provide you with all you media at multiple locations throughout the world with automatic syncing of content.

To see what distributed audio and video can do for your entertainment environment contact us today.

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