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CCS can design, install and support a complete video surveillance system covering a specific area or a whole home. Featuring equipment from Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Sony, GE Interlogix, Speco and Toshiba we can provide our clients with the highest quality, most reliable system for their needs and budget. Designs optimized for live view or recording and later retrieval using state-of-the-art digital and analog technology can be provided. Systems can be designed for viewing of individual cameras through the Internet and on supported mobile phones and wireless pads.


Systems can be simple viewing only a driveway or entry using fixed cameras or sophisticated using day -night cameras which can see in almost complete darkness

to PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras which can be moved and triggered by movement. When integrated with a home automation system cameras can be set to automatically pop up on touchscreens when a doorbell or intercom is pressed immediately showing who’s at the door. A moving camera can be zoomed and panned to find out what’s up with the babysitter or a pet from your Iphone. A homeowner can review a recorded video after an indication from an alarm company that there has been an intrusion or perhaps a live video can be viewed to determine if a dispatch of the police is really necessary after an alarm event or is it just your children who did not put in the alarm code in time? These are just a few scenarios that a integrated video surveillance system can provide.

Have the piece of mind knowing that what you heard was only the cat and not an intruder trying to get into a window. For more information or a demonstration about video surveillance systems that CCS can provide, contact us today.

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